Original Misch Kohn Prints Available for Purchase

Selected works from all six decades of Kohn’s illustrious printmaking career are available for purchase, directly from the estate of the artist. For further information and prices, contact Jo Farb Hernandez: jfh(at)cruzio.com.

Included are early WPA lithographs such as:

The River, 1943


The innovative and startling evocative wood engravings from the 1950s, including:

Medea, 1950
Medea, 1950

Technical innovations with etching and serigraphy of the 1960s as in the following:

Figure, 1968
End Game 2, 1968











And “all media” works from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s such as:

A-Ha!, 1976
Alaska Highlands, 1997


During fall 2016 a major retrospective exhibition featuring six decades of Misch Kohn’s work was celebrated at Indiana University Kokomo, in honor of the centennial of the artist’s birth. This display, in and of itself, served as a short course in post-World War II printmaking: from the early WPA lithographs through the startlingly evocative wood engravings of the 1950s, the technical innovations with etching and serigraphy of the 1960s, and his “all media” works of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.


Curator and author Jo Farb Hernandez with Gallery Director Tara Scott and Vice-Chancellor Jan Halperin at the exhibition opening in November, 2016.


Misch Kohn: Beyond the Tradition is the first – and, to date, the only – comprehensive study of one of the most significant master printmakers of the modern era. Hailed as a pioneer for “breaking the shackles of conventionality,” Kohn has been lauded for reinvigorating printmaking in post-World War II America. Now, for the first time, this book brings together work from all six decades of his artistic career, chronicling a remarkable life’s work by one of America’s most respected artists.


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